We received a copy of this statement (issued September 5, 2006) from the teachers regarding their decision to stop work.

Dear Parents and Concerned Community Members,

We, 199 faculty and staff, presently employed by ISM have today decided with regret to have taken a course of action that we did not want to. We have decided to not report to work tomorrow, Wednesday 6th September, in order to highlight and to state publicly that we no longer hold any confidence in the current board at ISM.

We understand the implications of this action in the short term for student learning but firmly believe that it serves the best interests of our students in the long term. We feel that continuing to teach and learn in the current climate is not a viable option.

We have taken this action in open support of parental concern and their attempt to gather the required number of ballots in order to pass a vote of no confidence in the current board. This action will be reviewed tomorrow at 3:00 pm and a future course of action will be decided at this point. This action will terminate if the present board resigns voluntarily or the parents receive the required votes to pass a vote of no confidence.

Our loss of confidence and trust in the current board as a governing body at this school is due to a number of factors:

1. The board has failed to recognize the urgency of our concerns.

2. The board has failed to live up to the philosophy and core beliefs of the school as expressed in the school's mission statement.

3. The board has failed to communicate transparently and honestly with faculty, staff and the wider parent community.

4. The board has failed to understand the fundamental role of board governance, in terms of micro-managing the school and moving its focus from broad strategy and policy.

In taking this action the faculty and staff wish to highlight their concern for the future education of students at ISM. The integrity of this education is at stake under the governance of the current board of trustees.

We would like to take this opportunity as faculty and support staff to avow the central importance of the students in our work.


Concerned Faculty and Staff