A student who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote us.

From: [name withheld]
To: info@ismstakeholders.com
Date: 07 Sep 2006, 01:18:46 AM
Subject: Student Concern

Once again, this is [name withheld], [grade removed], and I wish once more to withhold my personal information once this letter is posted on the website.

To all adults,

Thank you very much for the organized informational assembly. From there, I have discovered a great deal, and my mind rests easier tonight. I acknowledge that the fact that the opposition constantly veils their actions with seemingly concrete bylaws, thus acts of communication are in vain. I also realize that ISM?s accreditation will be an after-effect of this battle's conclusion, and therefore should not command as much attention as the board's resignation; this is the reason for the faculty's walk-out.

However, I have one final challenge. Today will be the second day that the students are deprived of education. I understand that many believe that this is a short-term setback that will effectively resolve the long-term tribulations we face. But what will happen if there are not enough parent signatures, and the board refuses to voluntarily resign? Will ISM lose most of the exemplary faculty that has taken seven years to acquire? Or will ISM persist as if nothing ever happened, as the silence of defeat regresses all development made?

Please understand that I truthfully am not questioning your goal to achieve sustainable reforms. I am simply shaken by the methods in which you choose achieve it.

Expectantly yours,

A very concerned ISM student

P.S. Seeing as my previous letter was posted in spite of some of its contents, I applaud you, the ISM Stakeholders. This proved to me that you truly only care for the students' welfare. I hope my trust spreads towards individuals who question your purpose.