Parent Joost Mes sent this email to the Board.

From: "joost mes"
Reply-To: "joost mes"
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 06:48:02 AM
Subject: Board: word of advice

Good day Gigi,

I think being an ISM Board Member can at times be a terribly ungrateful position. With a very vocal group of parents it is not possible to satisfy all and the real challenge is to chart and maintain a course in the long term interest of the school.For this I have admired previous boards who have lead the school out of the Bel Air campus and have had the independent leadership to not succumb to any of the interest groups within the ISM campus. This has allowed the schools administration to concentrate on what matters most, the quality of education of our children. Like any other school ISM still has room for improvement but we found that administration has been responsive to our complaints and the mechanism to address our concerns were in place. We always got answers or explenations. So I do not share the view that some Board Members seem to voice that we have a structural problem in this school nor that the administration is the problem.

Having said this, I think the past events and reactions of the Board have nothing to do with staying the course despite noises of some dissatisfied parents. It is way beyond that. Totally out of control.

I consider myself as someone who is not easily mobilized and I always like to hear two sides of the story, suspicious as I am of politicking. However with the events transpiring over the last week it is impossible to sit by the side as those events are now clearly jeopardizing the future of our children. While I do not pretend to speak on anyones behalf here, I note an increasing number of otherwise neutral or inactive expats are feeling the same.

The facts are known and widely documented in the public domain. The response of the Board has been hiding itself behind its authority and legal rights. No real answers or explenations have been given. None of the advocated transparancy has been shown. It has been impossible to second guess the Board in its next move but it seems to be getting from bad to worse....and even worse.

I hate to admit that I have voted for you during elections as I genuinly thought you would have something to add to the Board and would stay out of politicking. I was wrong.

So I intended to let you know my concerns and give some well meant advice on the role of a Board, on the importance of open communication in time of crises etc etc. At that time I felt you could still try and save the situation by hauling in some of your Board Members and start communicating instead of hiding.

However with the shamefull events of Sept 4 you are now, I fear, beyond the point of being able to address the situation. How low can an adult go? What an example to our children who, I can assure you, are now well aware of this scene, What happened to those ISM values?

Gigi look at the facts. A Board with two of its members resigned, out of touch with a majority of its shareolders (the parents), management (administration) and its employees (faculty) is totally ineffective. How are you going to achieve whatever it is that you intend to achieve? On top of this you jeopardize the future of the Company (ISM) and worst of all the future of our children. Any Board in a private Company would resign if its Members would wish to maitain their credibility,

Frankly spoken I cannot imagine what drives you to carry on? What will be your legacy? What will be achieved?

Gigi I think time has come to cut and cut clean. Have the dignity and personal courage to raise yourself above the personal interests and feelings and do what is best in the long term interest of the school and our children. Resign now that you still can. Clear the way for a new Board that has the support of all its stakeholders and hopefully will act as a Board is intended to act. I would respect an unselfish move like that.

I wish you the wisdom and vision to do the right thing.

Another concerned parent.

Joost Mes