Parent and alumnus Jojo Guingona writes the students, via this website.

From: Jojo Guingona
Date: 06 Sep 2006, 12:54:24 AM
Subject: response to student's concerns

Dear students,

I am an alumni as well as a parent at ISM and I have read your e-mails and can sympathize with your sentiments. However, let me ask on behalf of your parents for your patience and understanding while we try to extricate our school from the current dilemna we are now facing.

First of all let me state categorically that the last thing I want to be is condescending. You must excuse those who get emotional about the current situation. Maybe by looking at an objective and unemotional enumeration of the events that led up to today's meeting, you might have a better understanding of what is happening. I invite you to read Peter Cordingley's e-mail. He gives you a blow by blow account of how things got to where they are now.

I will grant you that there may be some among the ranks of the parents who were present that may have an axe to grind with the current board, most of us however were there to show our support for the faculty and to show our dismay towards the actions of the current Board of Trustees, who by the way can't even seem to be bothered toconvene themselves to meet with the parties involved given the gravity of the situation. Do they think that by ignoring us the situation will just evaporate??

To wind up, we, your parents, have lost trust and confidence in the current Board of Trustees, and from what I personally witnessed earlier today, so has the faculty. We feel we owe it to our children, you guys, to act expediently to resolve this impasse. The last thing we want is to jeopardize your future, but let me throw the question back to you guys, in our shoes, what would you do?

Let me end my e-mail with two of my favorite quotes.

1. The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises maintain their neutrality

2. All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing

I hope you have a clearer understanding of our position. In the end, it is your welfare that we care about, period.

Jojo Guingona
Parent/Alumni Class of 82